Tips for a bodybuilder: A Guide to Cutting

Tips for a bodybuilder: A Guide to Cutting

In the training process of a bodybuilder, cutting is given the least importance because cutting means to lose weight, shed fat from the body, eat less and then you end up being lean. Cutting food down and upping cardio is a stressful experience.

Being said that, people trying to cope with the cutting period with different training methods, different types of diets and also other tips that they can gather. Luckily, in this age of the internet, cutting guide is available online for free from many Personal training Alexandria websites, their advice, who have passed through the cutting cycles many times in life.

Following are few tips that will help you shred fat from your body successfully:

  • Increase your water intake: Increasing water intake while cutting helps you in three ways:
  • Taking some extra glass of water when you are on a cut will help you feel not empty in the stomach.
  • Additional water intake will hydrate your body more, and you will make strength to push a little harder in your training.
  • Water instead of soft drinks means no extra calorie intake.

    1. You should cook your meal: Cooking your meal will make sure that you are consuming right calorie of food, you are not adding an extra amount of sugar or salt.
    2. Don’t catastrophize cheat meals: This happens to the most seasoned bodybuilders too that being calorie deficit for some time will make you cheat and take a good meal during the cutting week. But if it’s taken, taken, don’t catastrophize it. All you need to do is go back to your routine.

  • The more cardio, the more deficit of calorie: The more you do cardio training, the metabolic rate in your body will increase resulting in more burning of calorie.
  • Increase your muscle mass: For increasing muscle mass, more reps are required. As a result, more lean muscle tissue you will have.

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