Tips to Edit Photos and Improve Their Composition Easily

Tips to Edit Photos and Improve Their Composition Easily

Good composition is essential if you want your photos to look impressive and interesting. With good composition even a photo of something mundane can look special and unique.

While the composition of your photos will be heavily influenced by how they were framed when they were shot – that can be altered when you edit your photos. All you need are a few simple tips to start easily improving the composition of your photos by editing them:

  • Use the rule of thirds as a guide and crop the photo

The crop feature will let you reframe your photo by removing part of it that is adjacent to the frame. That makes it one of the more important ways to improve the composition of your photos, but to take advantage of it you should use the rule of thirds as a guide.

In most editors you should be able to enable the grid feature that will provide you with a 3×3 grid to help make it easier to use the rule of thirds. Based on that grid you can position the subject and other elements along the lines and intersection points of the new frame to create a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition.

  • Flip the composition

Another interesting way to improve the composition is by flipping your photo – normally horizontally. That will effectively reverse the placement of the subject and other elements and create a mirror image.

Mirroring your photo in this way is especially useful if there are leading lines present. Lines that were previously leading ‘away’ from the subject, would instead lead ‘to’ the subject when the photo is flipped.

  • Crop close and fill the frame

One easy technique to create more interesting compositions is to crop close to the subject and fill the frame with them. Essentially this will make the photo appear ‘zoomed in’ on the subject, and make it the center of attention.

It is important to note that cropping out a significant part of the photo will affect its quality – so you should use this option carefully. It is best if the photo was in a much higher resolution than it needed to be, in which case cropping close won’t matter all that much.

It should be noted that some of the other ways that you can fix pictures in an editor can help improve the composition as well. For example in Movavi Photo Editor you can remove blemishes and unwanted elements, learn how to rotate a picture, and more.

Additionally you should always remember that composition is an entirely subjective area. Because of that although the tips listed above can act as a helpful guide, you should not feel restricted by them in any way, shape, or form.

Instead you should break rules as regularly as you see fit in order to improve the composition of your photos. At the end of the day you may be surprised at the results if you do start to experiment and color outside the lines – as it were.

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