Top 5 Fastest Horse Breeds That You Can Depend Upon

Top 5 Fastest Horse Breeds That You Can Depend Upon

It is a real spectacle to witness a horseracing event especially when horses race on flat tracks and blaze the tracks. The speed is what excites people and adds zing to the sport that has maintained its popularity for thousands of years. Besides, speed, strength, and stamina of the horses are also responsible for making the sporting event more popular. With an eye on the best sporting performance, a number of horse breeds are popular among horseracing enthusiasts who agree on the following five breeds as the best among the speediest horses across the world.


Thoroughbreds hold the center stage in any prestigious horseracing event across the world. It will not be wrong to say that Thoroughbreds dominate the top listed TVG Horse Races. Perhaps the most versatile horse breed, Thoroughbreds excel in middle distance running by its sheer ability to accelerate at high speed for a specific duration. It has made it the best choice for flat races even though it is equally capable of participating in other disciplines like dressage and steeple-chasing. For improving the quality of horses, crossbreeding Thoroughbreds with Mustang and other horses is quite common.

Quarter horses

Like sprinters in athletics who are famous for spiking speeds over short distances in dramatic fashion, Quarter horses are the sprinters of horseracing. When running over short distances, no other horse breed can match the efficiency and speed of Quarter horses. The race may appear finished even before you can spot the winner.   The speed gathers momentum in a few brief seconds and reaches the pinnacle to finish the race in a flash, but the momentum decelerates rapidly after the quarter mile mark. That is the reason why you must never try to use this horse for longer races.

Arabian horses

The stallion is the best example of Arabian horses that are the epitome of strength, stamina, and speed. For long distance racing that stretches over several miles and takes place in the most arduous weather conditions, Arabian horses are the only choice. The horses are highly sensitive and human-friendly, which helps it bond with the riders closely. The breed is very versatile and can take part in any discipline. With an average height of 14 to 16 hands, Arabian horses are intelligent, graceful and pretty with gentle behavior.

Xilingol, the Mongolian horse

This Mongolian horse breed is relatively new than the earlier breeds but no less competent in fast racing. The breed is the result of mating local animals with Akhal Teke, the Russian Thoroughbred, Don, Sanhe, Kabarda and Mongolian. The handsome looking horse that has an incredibly strong built is capable of developing lightning speeds and is a favorite for endurance races.

The Norwegian Fjord horse

The Norwegian Fjord horse has existed for more than 4000 years and is one of the purest and oldest horse breeds in the world. With characteristic bi-colored mane and brown dun color, weighing between 900 and 1200 pounds, the horse is capable of generating incredible speed when the situation demands.

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