Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Owned By a Dog

Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Owned By a Dog

Your life is no longer your own when you have a pet. You get a dog but this furry friend ends up owning you in more ways than one.

When you get turned into a slobbering (but still adorable) slave by your canine companion, here are the top 5 things to remember:

1. You are human.

As fun as it can be to roll around in the grass or play fetch with your dog, you have to remember to get back to “humanity”. You may have a job, a business, a family, a social life, and all the other things that human beings do. Do not neglect these things because as a responsible dog owner, you will need to be human to be able to do the next items on the list.

2. You will spend. A lot.

Yummy food, a comfy bed, lots of toys, grooming, and all the other cute accessories you cannot resist. You will spend on them for your adorable pup.

Include in your computations the trips to the vet, because whether you like it or not, you will go there for a variety of reasons like shots or checkups.

3. You will need energy.

Even if you’re dead tired, how can you resist those puppy dog eyes begging for a quick (relative term) tumble or walk in the park? Aside from spending lots of cash, be prepared to spend whatever energy you have left to play with and care for your furry friend.

4. You will deal with family issues.

Whether it is dealing with whose turn it is to bathe the pup or who gets to pick up the poop, family meetings for the doggie will happen. Dividing labor or assigning members to doggie duty will be part of your life. All for one, one for all.

5. You will say goodbye to spontaneous travel. Or late nights.

It’s like having a baby. Having a dog will make you rethink your late night parties or simply packing up just because you feel like it. It will seem that your dog’s leash is also connected to you as you now cannot imagine just leaving you baby doggie without going through intense preparations.

Either you board your dog with a trusted friend or get a reliable airline approved pet kennel; else, instant jaunts could be a thing of the past.

All these things on the list may lead you to think twice about owning a dog (or the other way around) but when you think of the sheer joy and comfort your beloved pet gives you, you will surely say it is all worth it.


Samantha Vince is the sales manager and animal nutritionist at Pet’s Delight. As an animal lover, Samantha has worked in the pet and equine industry for over seven years. Due to her passion and commitment to ensuring animals are fed a nutritious and tailored diet, becoming an animal nutritionist was a natural choice, and now she provides nutritional and product advice to customers on a daily basis. For nutritional advice specific to your pet, you can contact her on

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