Top fabric trends for 2017

Top fabric trends for 2017

As lead times get shorter, it is increasingly important for manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition as consumers become progressively more trend-conscious. It is essential to update on-trend information regularly.


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Product categories and seasons for the textile industry have remained in existence for generations. However, in the last few years, the boundaries between seasons and gender have become less relevant. In the past, we had formal and casual wear and city and country; this has all but disappeared as UK mills invest in technologies for more sustainable and honest manufacturing


Colour fabric trends for this year have fresh green shades on top with slight yellow tints. Primrose yellow and sandy shades are popular, including mustard, gold and copper. Lively colours for character see vibrant and warm shades of red. Smooth and natural tones of hazelnut, creams and browns are followed by the sophisticated and elegant colour of blue.


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2017 trends focus on boldness and innovation, with fabrics showing lots of colour, texture and patterns. Colourful striped prints on fine silk or cotton fabric have become very popular and are used widely by interior designers, upholsterers, quilters, crafters and curtain manufacturers. Traditional tweed fabrics, the most country-centric of British attire, is back on the catwalk and looking better than ever. This new rise to fame has resulted in eight new mills opening in the UK in the past 10 years employing 6,000 people. The increase in woolen fabrics has led to uses beyond clothing; the material is now used by upholsterers.

Linen is an ultra-breathable and lightweight fabric that holds its shape and keeps people cool. It is an absorbent fabric for those hot, steamy days. Crepe cotton is an even lighter fabric that is available in crinkled textures and is ideal for balmy days. Cotton fabric like that at is the world’s most popular fabric; it is a naturally breathable fibre that is strong and timeless. It is machine-washable, easy to dye, and has no static cling, making it a very popular fabric for clothes designers worldwide.

We are living in an exciting era with choices of fabrics with different textures, geometric designs and colourful patterns. The clothes we wear and the fabrics we use in our homes keep us in touch with the progressive movement in fabric trends in this new millennium.

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