Top five reasons to play cash games online

Top five reasons to play cash games online

Much like the popularity of regular online games, there has also been a rapid growth for online cash games in the country. One can make money as they play online, which are primarily classified in two types – chance based games like the Poker or the Dream11; or the online rummy, which puts your skill to test. Unlike regular games that you play online, cash online games open doors for additional income. The law permits everyone over the age of 18 years to play for a nominal fee. Here below are top five reasons why you should play or consider playing cash games online –

Quick money

In a money driven world where every penny count, why not utilize the opportunity to win more money as you play. Yes, online cash games will always exist on a continuum between being a game of ‘pure chance’ or ‘pure skill’, particularly in a game like Poker. However, it is advisable to play rummy online as winning the game is not decided by luck and in fact, personal effort and skill will be the only way to win the game. With nearly a million subscribers base to the skill-based game, winning your next big cheque is just a game away. Moreover, clear process guidelines have ensured that payment is processed in every 24-hour cycle.

Easy gameplay and uncomplicated gaming rules

Like any other game of cards, the cash rummy is equally easy to play and understand. Irrespective of the age of the players, one can easily play the game without any real struggle. Currently, Google Play Store does not allow downloading the cash rummy game as it only host games which can be downloaded and played for free. However, one can either download the app for their Android device via the gaming website or just log-in and play directly on the portal. Interestingly, as over 80 per cent of the total population use the android based smartphones, playing cash games online is no longer a problem.

Secured online payment option

Data security being a priority from most gaming companies, leading portals like Games 24×7 offer secured payment options. Before you start playing, players are required to provide and verify their phone numbers. Moreover, Know Your Customer (KYC) formalities are also applicable and the players are also required to present their ID along with their address proof. For complete security, all the gaming transactions are conducted by verified and regulated banking channels. Still don’t believe it? Online cash gaming companies like the one mentioned above, pay GST and applicable Income Tax on revenues. Interestingly, reports further claim that GST and Income Tax account for a minimum of Rs 150 crore for the online cash gaming industry.  

Improves analytical and reasoning ability

Apart from being portable and accessible to people of all age groups, studies have revealed that a good game of cards also helps adult and children improve their gross motoring skills. Interestingly enough, reports also claims that the game of cards helps fasten reflexes via shuffling and dealing, and improves hand-eye coordination. Moreover, when you play rummy online real money the game encourages you to plan and execute your every move. Alertness being the key element in the game, it helps develop skills for the real world too.

Online cash games offer flexibility

Amidst a busy lifestyle, catching up with friends or giving time for yourself can be a little problematic. However, online cash games give you the opportunity to play anytime and from anywhere. One can play while commuting back home from work or as a weekend pastime, with the best part being that one gets to win real money as they play. Affordable internet packs have also encouraged players to take up the game as per their convenience. The online cash game does require you to pay, however that is a nominal fee that is often charged as participation fee. Paying for your game can be seen as investment which will be later cumulatively handed out to one well-deserved winner of the game. In fact, a few websites also offer additional sign-up bonuses which can be used for their game.

Finally, the question arises as to why should you play online cash games? We ask, why not? People have started to play online real rummy as part time activity on a regular basis which gives me a useful source of entertainment. Unlike the game of chance, where fate decides your game, skill-based games like the online rummy will offer the five benefits as mentioned above. Moreover, it also makes you proud of winning a game based on your effort and determination.

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