Trendy jeans for men

Trendy jeans for men

All men shall know a little about latest jeans trends

If throughout the year we give an important place to the basics that constitute the basis of our dressing, men’s fashion is also influenced by trends. They often start with the fashion shows that take place during the famous fashion week. At the beginning of the season, we conduct our own trend review to determine what we thought was really relevant; in the ability of these trends to influence the ready-to-wear and therefore our daily lives. It is obvious that some unlikely trends will have a hard time finding a place in our dressing room. On the other hand, the appearance or the returns of certain motives or certain parts make it possible to bring newness in our outfits. Because mastering the basics is good but draw inspiration from trends to change its look according to what suits us and we like it better.

All jeans trends 2018

what to wear on first dateJeans, we will never tire of it. Essential of our dressing room, it does not escape the fashion trends of spring-summer 2018. Focus on the most desirable models of the season.

If there is one thing that our wardrobe can never do without, it’s a jean. Timeless, it is worn with everything and in all circumstances. As fashion wants, he gets a makeover by adapting to the trends of the season. Straight, slim or flare decryption of the most desirable jeans of spring-summer 2018.

The flare jeans

Because the past continues to inspire fashion designers, each season sees a vintage piece make its comeback. This season, it is the flirt jeans with the look very seventies which returns on the front of the stage.

The right jeans

Comfortable and elegant, the straight jeans are worn in a thousand different ways. Rolled up or natural, in sneakers or with pretty pumps, with a slogan t-shirt or a small blouse … in short, the combinations are endless!

Slim jeans

You only have to look around to find it on one or more people. The slim is the reference in jeans since its appearance. Molding to the ankles, it lengthens the silhouette provided you do not choose too long or too tight. The choice of models is almost infinite:

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