Urinary Problems and Erectile Dysfunction

Urinary Problems and Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual function is one of the main aspects of happy and fulfilled life of men and women. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual function disorder that is a real problem for many men all over the world. According to statistics, starting from the age of 20 virtually every man at least once in his life has faced or will face the symptoms of this condition: insufficient stiffness of the penis when a man is sexually exited and that interferes with sexual intercourse.

Quite often erectile dysfunction, or impotence, can be a serious challenge for a man, since it not only affects his physiology, but also has a negative influence on his self-esteem and emotional condition. This diagnosis is made if stable and adequate erection cannot be achieved in 25% of sexual acts and provided that such condition lasts for at least 3 months. When experiencing such ticklish condition, some men, instead of going to a doctor and finding its cause, decide to buy drugs for erectile dysfunction and hope that it can solve their problem. Generic drugs that can be used to relieve problems with erection are offered in various online pharmacies including

Doctors believe that the development of erectile dysfunction is conditioned by physiological and psychological factors but only physiological causes make sexual intercourse really impossible, whereas psychological issues only trigger the development of the disorder. Thus, before purchasing Levitra cheap online, it’s worth finding out what really causes erection problems. Various studies suggest that there is an evident connection between the progression of erectile problems and numerous urinary disorders characterized by specific lower urinary tract symptoms – difficulty in starting urination, spraying of the urine stream, slow urine flow, frequent urination, nocturia, urinary urgency and incontinence. Any of these symptoms can be observed in benign prostatic hyperplasia, hyperactive bladder, and certain infections of the urinary system.

Experts claim that in order to successfully treat erectile dysfunction, it’s important to detect its real causes. Therefore, if it is associated with urinary problems or disease it’s essential to treat and eliminate the underlying condition so that to restore a healthy sexual function.

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