Virtual Receptionist Service: Learn if You Need One

Virtual Receptionist Service: Learn if You Need One

You recently bought an iPhone 7 and it is suddenly showing a black screen instead of usual UI. Since you have bought that recently, you qualify for a free servicing. In order to ask for possible solutions, you decide to call Apple customer center and talk to someone within the company. Someone receives your call, asks for your reason for calling, takes note, and diverts your call to servicing team. That “someone” is a virtual receptionist. Now try to correlate your previous experiences with other companies, and now you can remember that most of them use virtual receptionist to interact with the customers and sort out their reasons for calling. Now you might be wondering whether you need a virtual receptionist for your company too. Even though virtual receptionist service might come in extremely handy for most companies, not all of them actually need one. Now, we will tell you whether you need one or not.

Your incoming call numbers

If your business receives few incoming calls during the working hours you might not require a virtual receptionist service at all. You or another member of your team can handle all those calls, thus saving precious bucks in the process. But if you receive several hundred calls each day from potential customers then it might be a tough ask to reply to all of them all by yourself. You would want to hire someone who would receive the calls for you, sort out the calls according to priority, and divert the important ones’ to relevant departments. In addition, if you operate during day hours but there is a possibility that some of your overseas clients might call at night then you can think of a virtual receptionist who would work during night hours and receive calls for you.

Your business type

While conducting businesses, do your customers call or they come in straight to your office?  If your business nature demands your clients to visit in person then you would not require a virtual receptionist service. For example, you are a physical grocery store. It is normal that customers would come in and buy products straight from your store. Hence, keeping a virtual receptionist for your business might be a waste of resource.

Money talks

Lastly, well-founded companies do have their in-house receptionist while small start-ups tend to go for virtual one. If you can spend a large sum for a full-time receptionist and are happy with their services then, in all honesty, keep your receptionist. But there are companies that would struggle to bear the expenses plus benefits for a full-time receptionist. For them, the virtual one seems to be a deal breaker as they can get the job done for a fraction of the actual cost. Either way, you are going to benefit largely as a satisfied customer means more revenues and bigger profit margin.

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