What are the Important Requisites of Hiring a Court Reporter?

What are the Important Requisites of Hiring a Court Reporter?

When you actually look forward to hiring court reporting service, you should be searching for the right selection criteria. Mostly, you would come across two popular schools of advice:

  1. Evaluating court reporting services
  2. Evaluating individual court reporters

Let us delve on the present selection criteria for choosing the right individual court reporter. In case, you wonder why the need to evaluate individual court reporter, the reason is simple, as ultimately it would come to the quality of the reporter you hire for court reporting, despite the overall reputation of the firm. The quality service provided by the individual would leave you satisfied and dissatisfied with your decision of hiring him or her.

Two groups of selection criteria

Several law firms along with organizations that contract with court reporting services, two groups of selection criteria would be prominent. These should be applicable to your prospective list of court reporters.

  • Basic skills
  • Professionalism and reputation

Basic skills

Different kinds of legal proceedings would require different standards of proficiency for court reporters. However, the basic skills would be inclusive of the following:

  1. State certification would be necessary for determining the court reporter has passed the test to prove their knowledge of court reporting process.
  2. They should be certified shorthand reporters with minimum typing speed of 200 words per minute.
  3. They should have requisite research and computer skills.
  4. They should have adequate proofreading and editing skills to ensure accuracy of transcript.

Professionalism and reputation

A majority of law firms or organizations would falter on thinking that character and demeanour of court reporter does not matter much. It would be pertinent to mention here that despite court reporters seldom interact with witnesses, yet they being professional, reputed and poise would have quite an impact on the overall quality of a deposition. Any reporter that lack professionalism would become technical nightmare for any reporting process. Therefore, you should ensure that the court reporter has decent past work history rather than relying on agency’s word or assessment of their character. You should choose the best court reporter for enhancing the overall success of your case.

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