What to Do When You Experience an Injury at Work

What to Do When You Experience an Injury at Work

When it comes to work, you want to give 100 percent to prove to everyone that you are a reliable employee. This is a practice everyone should follow, as it makes you someone to look up to. It also means you can perform to your utmost and help the company succeed. But, you are human and you have weaknesses, and sometimes you experience an accident and an injury at work.

According to the International Labour Organization, around 2.78 million people are casualties of accidents or diseases related to their work and/or livelihood every year, with an additional 374 million more affected per year by illnesses and injuries that are work-related. A lot of people afflicted tend to take extended absences from their places of livelihood, resulting in loss of productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Here’s what to do when you experience an injury at work to make sure your safety is covered.

Injury in the Workplace

If you experience an injury in the workplace, do not panic. There is always a way to deal with the situation. Take a deep breath and get things into perspective. Here are a few things you should do:

  • Get yourself treated as soon as possible. If you know you’ve suffered a significant injury but haven’t seen any signs of physical damage such as bruises, don’t hesitate to get yourself checked. If you have a clinic at work and you’re entitled to use it, go there.
  • If you have to get yourself treated elsewhere outside of the medical facility of your company, do so if need be. If you have to get medicine as well, do so. Get yourself treated. Ask for copies of all records, receipts, prescriptions, and correspondence that are related to the injury at work.
  • If you don’t have to be treated, observe the scene of the accident as soon as you’re able to. Try to take pictures of what happened. Try to make sure the pictures include different angles of where the accident happened, your injuries, and if there is damage in other areas.
  • Get information from people around you. Ask for the names, contact numbers, and relevant contact information of people who witnessed the accident, regardless whether or not they work in your department or even at your company or not.
  • Once you’re sure you’re safe, file an accident report. Protocol for accident reports varies from one workplace to the next, but all companies need to have a record of sorts that details accidents that happen in the workplace. These should have sections where you have to fill out basic details of the accident such as where and when it happened, and more specific details such as the nature and circumstances surrounding the accident.
  • Also check if your injury and accident was purely because of circumstance, or neglect on part of the company. Did the circumstances surrounding your accident have any relation to equipment that is old and in disrepair, or was the environment relatively unsafe, or did you have outdated equipment?

When it comes to experiencing an injury at work, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming given the number of things you should do and accomplish. Don’t fret however as these things are perfectly achievable and your injury is something that will heal over time. Doing the things above can at least ensure your status within the company and your health are properly taken care of. Click here if you’re in need of more elaborate legal advice.

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