What type of garage wall is best?

What type of garage wall is best?

Thinking of refurbishing your garage? Then you’ll be making a decision about the kind of garage wall covering that works best for you. For most of us, the garage becomes a dumping ground for all those things we need to store, but with a little thought and planning your garage storage can be maximised and organised. Key to this process is lining out your garage with a suitable wall cladding. Think of your walls as a blank canvas that can be transformed into a useful shelving system for storage, an entertainment hub or the ideal workshop.


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If you want to finish your garage walls and provide useful insulation then plasterboard is the smart choice. You can also hide any necessary plumbing or electrical work inside the plasterboard framing. This is the ideal finish if you want to use your garage as an entertainment hub or music room, for example, with a clean and seamless finish that can be decorated as you wish.


Plywood is a great choice for its durability and insulating properties. It’ll stand up to being pranged by a car or knocked into with heavy equipment. It’s also stronger than plasterboard meaning that you can install heavy-duty garage racking systems without having to add extra battening. You can even decorate over the top, though be aware that plywood will take several coats of paint to cover.


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This is a savvy option if you intend to create a proper workshop using garage shelving equipment to create plenty of tool storage. Pegboard can be installed over plasterboard or plywood and is the perfect way to get your garage workshop organised. Plan out exactly where you need to keep all your tools and then outline them on the pegboard to keep everything off the floor and in its proper place.


This type of garage walling looks like vinyl siding and is made from durable and long-lasting MDF. The slats are extremely useful for providing hanging storage using hooks and it’s easy to install over plasterboard or masonry.

Metal cladding

More commonly seen on commercial roofs, metal cladding provides a unique finish for your garage. It also has the benefit of being fire retardant and anti-corrosive and is quick, easy and lightweight to install for a very modern look.





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