What’s the difference between designer clothes and normal clothes?

What’s the difference between designer clothes and normal clothes?

Who doesn’t love to wear Armani Jeans shirts, or carry a Furla bag? Well, all of us do. Isn’t it? Quite often, we are ready to pay a whooping price to buy our favorite designer apparels, and we don’t regret it either. What exactly do we get in buying these high-end brands? In one word it gives us “satisfaction”. Wearing designer labels gives us a superiority feeling and enables us to stand out in the crowd, as designer clothes are absolutely unique and not everybody can afford them. But, do wearing normal clothes or non-designer clothes make us any less? Well, absolutely not. Then what is the major difference between our normal clothing and designer clothes? Lets us scroll down to find an answer to all such questions.Related image

  1. Fitting and quality

This is the prime distinguishing factor between the two types. Designer clothes generally have a better fitting and are also made of superior fabrics; generally natural fabrics which make them stand out from the rest. On the other hand, normal clothes are made of mediocre fabrics and not very costly and superior ones. Also the fitting is not as good as compared to designer clothes.

  1. Price

This is quite an obvious factor. Designer labels can make us shed thousands of dollars, which is not the case with our normal clothing. Designer brands are not everybody’s cup of tea, and they also don not want to make their label easily accessible to everybody, and for this they charge whooping prices. On the contrary, non designer wears could be bought at a reasonable price.

  1. Durability

Designer clothes are considered to be more durable when compared to non designer wear. For instance, a Prada bag will stay with you for a longer time when compared with a normal non-designer bag. So, if you want your apparels or accessories to serve you for a long period, go for designer wears, but only if you have a big pocket.

  1. Design

A designer first of all make a sketch or design before actually bringing a dress into existence, he spends ample amount of time in research to find, whether this particular design will look good in real or not. Whereas, there is no such case with non-designer wear and not much attention is paid to the designing aspect.

These are the major distinguishing factors between a designer wear and non-designer wear. There is no hard and fast rule, that you can look good only in designer clothes. If carried properly, you could even rock in a non-designer wear for sure.

Nowadays, you can easily buy your favorite designer wear online through various online luxury stores. These stores stock some of the best brands of luxury apparels and accessories. The range available with them is absolutely mind blowing and will surely spoil you for choice. Some of the famous online luxury shopping stores for your high-end apparel shopping are Tata CLiQ Luxury, Darvey’s, Elitify etc to name just a few.

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