Why Choose FOD Sweepers

Why Choose FOD Sweepers

Unwanted materials found on airport runways, ramps or taxiways are considered to be Foreign Object Debris (FOD).They can either be metallic or non-metallic and should be swept for increased craft safety and reduction of damages. These materials include sand, stones, nuts, gravel, and bolts. The following are the advantages of using FOD sweepers in cleaning the tarmac areas.

Low cost
These sweepers are cheap hence affordable even for the small airports. Their low purchase prices allow all airports to implement almost similar debris control standards at low service and capital costs of complex machines found in large airports. All airlines are now able to afford running the runway maintenance equipment all around the clock to ensure debris free areas.

High efficiency
FOD sweepers are highly patented making them extraordinary. They are the only sweepers exclusively designed to collect FOD, and they do it efficiently with a fantastic level of efficiency. They have an unmatched pick-up rate compared to other sweepers used.  Their sturdy, long brushes operate at an amazingly high speed to activate the foreign materials collection using rows of exclusive aero thane scoops. A retaining mesh traps the materials picked up by the scoops. The sweepers automatically adjust as they wear out hence continually collecting the debris. They can clean up the tarmac areas while dry or wet.

Easy to operate
They are suited to be run by a single person as they can be towed by use of a tow vehicle. One doesn’t require any extraordinary skill or license to operate them. Cars used to drag the sweepers are driven at extremely slow speeds to collect debris around and even close to parked crafts with complete assurance of safety.

A FOD sweeper can be easily folded into a bag that is not more than 3 meters.  It can be quickly moved around as it weighs lesser than 30 kg. In events of emergencies, transporting the FOD unit is easy and can be rapidly taken to a site with minimum craft operations delay.

FOD sweepers don’t make use of vacuum suctioning hence can’t damage freshly tarmacked areas by lifting the surfaces. This makes it a safe option for all surfaces that are asphalt, concrete, fine textured or grooved, dry or wet. These sweepers can also be used during rainy seasons as they don’t hold and retain water. 

Maintenance free
These sweepers are resistant to breakdown and have noise-free motors hence low, or no support required. Also, it’s not readily destructible as it does not operate on magnetic features. It’s valid on both magnetic and non-magnetic materials. The cost of servicing the unit is quite low as the sweepers are specially made to pick up dangerous substances over large areas at high speeds.

FOD sweepers guarantee craft safety hence minimize the number of accidents caused by foreign materials lying on tarmac areas.

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