Why Russian Revolution Holds Importance In World History?

Why Russian Revolution Holds Importance In World History?

Many revolutions took place across the globe so that the people can be freed from the unpleasant life and cruel rule of the dictators. The revolutions took place in order to free the country from slavery, bring stability to the life of the common people, improvement in the economy and to get the government of one’s own country. Most of the historical revolutions like the Russian Revolution are marked with bloodshed and savage treatment of the peasants. However, many facts are still not disclosed to the present people so Orlando Figes has made sure to aware the people through his writing. His books provide an insight into the Russian Revolution like “A People’s Tragedy.”

Facts to know about Russian Revolution

The Russian government in the present times has made some laws that will remove the negative aspects from the revolution. Only the positivity will be reflected in the history subject of the Russian Revolution. However, most of the historians have opposed this idea, as they want the common citizens to know about the sacrifices and the atrocities that the people in the early centuries had gone through to get freedom from the dictators.

Orlando Figes who is also a popular history professor has highlighted the unknown facts about the Russian Revolution and his online notes are provided to the students. These are researched extensively and provide detailed information with videos and audios too. Here are some of the lesser-known facts that are highlighted:-

  • The Russian Revolution period dates back to the year 1891 when it actually started because of the famine crisis. It went for the long years until it ended in the year 1924 when the communist leader Lenin died.
  • The Russians faced the brutal life at the hands of the Tsars when the peasantry of the country faced the maximum atrocities and saw the bloodshed. The aristocratic society was totally unaware of these things as it led their life with great luxury.
  • Even the incompetent rulers and the increasing number of innumerable cruelties towards common people and levying of heavy taxes on them led to the rise of revolution. Mainly the seeds of revolution took a drastic turn during the regime of the Tsar Nicholas II. It highlights the differences between the two groups namely Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks.
  • Russia saw many revolutions erupting in the country, as the first one was the February Revolution followed by the First World War with the Germany and the allied forces. Even the history professor Figes has mentioned about the brutal Civil War, October Revolution and so on.
  • The professor has also highlighted about the Crimean War that is rated as one of the deadliest wars in which half of the soldiers and civilians lost their lives because of lack of good medical treatment. The history professor has also highlighted about many other great leaders and the autocrats that have left deep influence on the Russia.

Lastly, it can be seen that with the help of the revelation of the important facts the people living in the present day Russia will get an insight into the pros and cons of the Russian Revolution.


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