Why sports are important for all children

Why sports are important for all children

There are many things that have an impact on your children’s lives. From the way you parent them to the influences they get from friends, there is a lot that will eventually shape their character over time. One often forgotten but very important influence on them when growing up is sports. From PE lessons at school to playing for sports teams on weekends, keeping active is a vital part of their lives at this early stage in their development.

Playing sports is essential for all children because of the positive impact it can have on not just their health but their personal development as well.

What makes sports so key for children?

But what is it about playing sports that is so vital for all children? Here are some fabulous reasons that answer this question:

  • Develops leadership skills – Playing sports is a great way to help your children gain confidence and leadership skills. By being part of a sports team, they will learn about being in charge of their position on the field and leading others in what needs to be done. This will set them up perfectly later in life in their chosen career.

  • Builds teamwork skills There is no doubt that being able to work as part of a team is a vital skill for both personal and work success. By learning to do this via playing sports, your child is picking up a valuable skill for later on in life.

  • Keeps them fit Of course, the most obvious reason sports are important is the way they keep you children healthy. Regular exercise will allow their bodies to stay strong and keep their immune systems robust. In addition, regular physical activity will help combat conditions like obesity and ingrain healthy habits for life.

  • Helps to overcome challenges – A really important thing that sports does for children is help them overcome challenges. When they have managed to do five more push-ups than they thought possible, they will be more driven to not just give up on things as they apply this sense of perseverance to other aspects of their lives. Playing sports is also a great way for children to learn how to deal with losing and failure, so they’ll be better able to handle these unavoidable parts of life as they get older.

Schools key for sports

When it comes to children and sports, schools play a massive role. As children spend so much time there, schools shoulder a lot of the burden in keeping children active. International schools in particular place an emphasis on sports because of all the great benefits they bring children. This American international school in Hong Kong is a superb illustration of how an international school combines its sporting and academic provision.

Sports will always play a big role in society

Besides contributing to healthy lifestyles, sports also play a central role in children’s development, meaning that they can have a lasting effect on how children comport themselves as they get older.

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