Why You Need a Houston Jones Act lawyer  

Why You Need a Houston Jones Act lawyer  

Most workers believe that workers’ compensation benefits will cover any injuries they suffer while on the job. That is not the case for those working on an offshore oil rig, a vessel at sea, a river system, or along the Gulf Coast. These employees are covered by the Jones Act also known as the maritime law, which comes with several benefits when you engage a Houston Jones Act lawyer.

The Liberty to Access Treatment from Your Doctor
Seeking treatment from reputable and genuine health practitioners is paramount after an accident, and that is why most employees will choose to consult their physician. Some laws meant to protect workers will not allow that. Instead, your employer or the insurance company is required to hand-pick a medic to take care of you, which is not always the best approach.
Under Jones Act, one is free to seek treatment from their doctor rather than one recommended by other interested parties.

Access to A Daily Living Stipend
Employees who stay away from work as a result of injuries may find it difficult to make ends meet due to various reasons if they lack some form of upkeep. That is the case for state workers’ compensation laws, which implies that such individuals will experience some challenges as they try to recover, due to lack of necessary support. For those who are covered under the maritime law, this issue is handled from a different perspective.
Injured employees, in this case, will access a daily stipend otherwise known as maintenance to make their lives more comfortable, and help them recover faster.

Payment of Medical Bills
Covering all your hospital bills for medication, tests, and other procedures can be strenuous if you have to make such payments from your bank account. It can eat into all of your savings depending on the duration of treatment. The help of a Houston Jones Act lawyer at this point is always beneficial in ensuring that your employer caters for the total cost of your medical bills.

The Right To File A Law Suit
The Jones Act allows employees to file allegations for negligence damages against their employers. As a result, if the claim is legally binding, one will access compensation. Over and above that, these workers are not subject to any discrimination whatsoever, following the filing of the lawsuit. In that case, any fear of intimidation is withdrawn, to encourage the affected to take necessary action.
The state law discourages suing of employers by their employees if they have workers’ compensation insurance, even when they are to blame for the injuries employees have suffered while on duty.
There is a significant difference between workers’ compensation insurance and the Jones Act, which can spell the distinction between having to meet all the medical costs after injuries and reasonable compensation for the same. In that case, a Houston Jones Act lawyer is your best option as a worker at an offshore oil rig, the Gulf Coast, or other environments of similar nature.


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