wltoys v977 &  WLtoys Helicopter

wltoys v977 &  WLtoys Helicopter

 WLtoys V977 electricity star X1 RC helicopter is a flybarless CP helicopter, aerodynamically made to achieve unparalleled stability. According to researches and interviews, as well as the feedbacks of customers, it implies that this helicopter has gained a good reputation, welcomed and highly considered by many people in  WLtoys Helicopter.

It is said that this helicopter becomes so famous and popular because of its exceptional features and excellent performance.

This WLtoys V977 power celebrity X1 RC helicopter features difficult and flexible main blade, flybarless design, without deformation and anti-wrestling. Its shockproof design, adaptable landing skid and soft material are amazing and exceptional.

This helicopter has applied brushless engine, which has super power, ultralow warmth and long life, making certain this helicopter is capable of doing well. It also has openwork equipment, featuring complicated composition, sturdy and wearable, as well as ultralimit weight damage. Those features guarantee that helicopter can work well for you if you have owned or operated it.

This helicopter obtains accuracy meticulous PCB which is bottom shockproof, possessing outlet program and brushless software. This helicopter also offers balls fixed landing skid, possessing multi-pin resolved bolt, battery slot machine game and ruggedness. It really is quite clear that the top features of this helicopter are actually amazing and exceptional of  WLtoys Helicopter.


  • V977 Helicopter
  • 4 GHZ Transmitter for flying the helicopter
  • Education manual
  • Extra main blades
  • Rotor blades
  • Main gear
  • Tools for swapping parts
  • 7V 450 MA battery
  • USB charging cable

Excellent performance

This helicopter of WLtoys V977 has applied 3D mode triggered 3-axis gyro, enabling aerobatics such as flips, rolls inverted journey, funnels and tick-tocks. It really is obvious that this helicopter is capable of doing excellently, and different actions and activities can be carried out, capable of providing you great fun of traveling. Normal turned on 6-axis gyro allows secure flight, suited to beginners.rakhi

1S 3.7V 450mAh 25C electric battery provide the ability the helicopter needs for operation. With enough power, this helicopter can journey about 6 to 7 minutes, getting great airline flight fun for you.

In short, all these amazing features and excellent performance of the WLtoys V977 ability superstar X1 RC helicopter has proven that helicopter is a superior quality product which includes gained a good reputation. The above has accounted for why this helicopter is so famous and popular. It is simple to see that  WLtoys Helicopter of V997 is obviously a interesting and funny toy for you to have.


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